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British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

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British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Streams

The British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration category is an integral component of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP), a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) administrated by the government of British Columbia. This immigration stream aims to attract foreign nationals with a proven track record of owning and operating businesses, who wish to invest their financial resources and expertise in business ventures in the province of British Columbia.

Candidates for BC Entrepreneur immigration must demonstrate their commitment to purchasing a new or existing business in British Columbia and actively participating in the day-to-day management of the operation. This immigration stream is designed to attract wealthy individuals with business management experience, as well as foreign-owned companies seeking to expand their business operations in British Columbia. Upon successful completion of the program, candidates will receive a provincial nomination from British Columbia, which will serve as a foundation for their application for Canadian permanent residence. British Columbia Entrepreneur immigration consists of three distinct streams:


  • British Columbia Entrepreneur :

The British Columbia Entrepreneur stream is tailored to experienced business owners and managers who aspire to establish permanent residency in British Columbia. Applicants are required to possess significant personal net worth and exhibit a proven track record of business management experience. Successful applicants will be expected to invest in the acquisition and management of a new or existing business in British Columbia. Once they have successfully established and operated a business in the province, they will be eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residence.


  • British Columbia Entrepreneur Regional Pilot:

The BC Entrepreneur Regional Pilot Stream of the BC PNP is specifically designed for experienced entrepreneurs who aim to invest in and manage a business in British Columbia. Candidates for this program must be referred by one of the participating communities within the province. This stream is aimed to support the development of certain regions and communities in the province by attracting experienced entrepreneurs to invest and manage businesses in those areas.

  • British Columbia Strategic Projects:

The British Columbia Strategic Projects stream of the BC PNP is targeted at successful foreign-owned companies seeking to establish a new branch or operation in British Columbia. To qualify for this program, companies must demonstrate their ability to generate significant annual revenue, as well as their capacity to effectively manage large teams of employees. Upon successful application, companies will be required to transfer key staff members to British Columbia to manage their new proposed enterprise. Once the company has successfully established and operated their business in the province, these key staff members will be eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

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